About us

We're a little family of four from Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (Auckland, New Zealand). Spicy Pet launched in November 2020. But our story starts just over a year before that.



Our first, Pepper the Griffon x Pug, joined our family in July 2019. We knew she wouldn't be an only child for long, and Pistachio 'Chio' the Pug joined us in January 2020. While complete opposites, the pups are practically inseparable. 

Pepper, our unknowing mascot, is the inspiration for our branding. While Pistachio is the inspiration for the personality of some of our products - like our Greeting Cards.



I started my crafting journey after being inspired by a very talented artist and fellow petstagramer, Claire @clairewlsn, and her pup Cosmo @littlecosmonaut. If you had of told me 5 years ago I'd be doing this I would've scoffed at you. Now Spotlight is practically my second home.


In the beginning, Spicy was going to be an apparel brand. While sewing matching PJs for the pups at 2am, I started dreaming up personalisation ideas. I spent WEEKS searching for the perfect iron-on to spice up their PJs - I'll admit, I am quite picky and like a good selection of options. After struggling to find the Goldilocks zone between 'colour options', 'font options', 'production scale', and 'shipping cost', I just said "F- it, I'll do it myself!"


Design is my passion, and luckily also my day job. I wanted to bring my background of graphic design, product/ux design, and crafting and allow people to design the personalisation options of their dreams! I want it to be easy, and I just want it to make people happy the same way it makes me happy.



Spicy has pivoted many times during this journey - where we are now is not necessarily where we will be in 1 - 2 years time. What we can promise you is an unmatched level of quality, personality and care. We are who we are -  our brand is unapologetically us. We're proud Kiwi's, we love our pups and we're so happy to have you along on this journey with us!


Stay Spicy! ✌️  

The Spicy Team

@spicy.pet | @pepper.griffon | hello@spicypet.co.nz